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Dec 302014

It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that we announce the departure of guitarist Brandon Gibbons and the arrival of guitarist Glenn Talley. As Brandon will be moving to Texas with his wife, Jackie Pock, to be closer to family, our good friend Glenn will be stepping in to take over the guitar slot for The Phoenix.

We’d like to express our profound thanks to both Brandon and Jackie for the friendship and musicianship they have let us enjoy. We also want to extend to them our warmest wishes of good luck in all their adventures yet to come.

Additionally, we are pleased to welcome Glenn into the Phoenix family. He has done a fantastic job learning all the necessary material and finding every way possible to contribute to our dynamic show. We look forward to a superb run with Glenn on guitar and backing vocals.

You can see Glenn perform with us live at the Clearwater Casino Resort in Suquamish, WA this coming Friday, January 2nd, from 9pm-1am. As always, thanks for the support! #RiseUp

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