Mike Ramos: Bass, The Phoenix R&B/Dance Band


Mike Ramos was born into a musical family. With a number of uncles and cousins playing music for clubs, weddings, dances and other events, he was constantly exposed to live music as he grew up.

At age 10, Mike began playing saxophone and joined every symphonic group and jazz ensemble available to him at school. By 15, he had taken up the bass guitar and was playing in a dance band with some of those uncles and cousins mentioned above. This led to a wide variety of rock, pop, and country gigs in both original and cover bands.

In 1998, following opportunities for additional playing as well as songwriting, Mike brought his talents to the Seattle area. Since then, he has played venues all over the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and a great many other locations. Prior to joining The Phoenix, Mike has filled in with groups such as the M-80s and been a part of the Jäger Music team. In doing so, he has been able to share the stage with many national acts as well.

With a wealth of talent and experience, Mike drives strong dance grooves like no other. He is a wonderful asset for the rhythm section of The Phoenix.